State Farm Drone Insurance

State Farm Drone Insurance: Coverage & Cost for Hobbyists

The global market for drone insurance is flourishing at $1.45 billion in 2024 as drones are being used for risk modeling, recreation, data collection, and various other purposes. 

Insurance service providers like State Farm use drones for surveillance and detailed imaging of damages to properties or personal articles of insurance policy users. These insurance companies provide financial assistance to properties affected by drone attacks and also help cover the expenses of maintenance of personal drones.

Being an innovator in the U.S. drone insurance market, State Farm is noteworthy for providing financial benefits to drone users whether they use it for personal recreation or business purposes.

Let’s see what’s in store for the users looking to subscribe to the coverage plan, starting with the various damages that the insurance policy covers.

What Does State Farm Insurance Cover?

State Farm uses drones for insurance coverage in many applications. These include:

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters frequently occur in the U.S. and cause damage to a greater extent with a massive $175.2 billion in damage occurring to properties and possessions alone in 2022. These catastrophic disasters occur in different forms and lead to devastating destruction of properties.

State Farm uses drones to evaluate the damages caused by disasters at properties. These drones are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). State Farm became the first insurance company that was granted a waiver by the FAA to use drones for assessing damages at properties affected by disasters to entertain claim requests.

Personal Articles Damage

State Farm provides excellent coverage plans for its users to protect their assets under the Personal Articles Policy, The company provides coverage on various instances like physical damages and thefts, helping you to cover the costs of replacing your valuables with new accessories.

There are various categories of assets that this drone insurance policy covers including electronic equipment, home decor, medical equipment, and much more. We can break these categories into products like:

  • Cameras
  • Computer Hardware
  • Hearing Aids
  • Guitars
  • Jewelry
  • Paintings
  • Recreational Drones
  • Toys
  • Wheelchairs

There are more personal assets that you can protect in the policy by contacting your insurer and filing a claim. The insurer entertains your request after evaluating the damages.

There are many more expenses that you can cover with the coverage. You need to contact your insurer for terms, conditions, and other details of your coverage policy.

But is this policy helpful for its subscribers? Let’s find some benefits that State Farm users avail in the drone insurance coverage.

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Why Should You Choose State Farm Drone Insurance?

State Farm Drone Insurance


State Farm’s insurance is a reasonable investment for users. You do not have to pay a large amount to get this insurance. The costs are not more than $6 per month for hobby pilots, which means that they annually pay $60 for their recreational drones.

Zero Deductibles

Drone insurance subscribers can benefit from the insurance policy which has no deductibles. It is one of the greatest benefits for which clients subscribe to the State Farm insurance. If your drone crashes, you can recover the full amount on the maintenance costs, depending on your policy.

Inflation Coverage

State Farm offers an affordable coverage plan for its users and also helps compensate them during inflation. The insurance policy automatically appraises your drone’s value according to the Consumer Product Inflation index and accommodates you.

While these are some of the benefits that you can avail of drone insurance, you should know some factors about your drone insurance policy before subscribing to it. It helps you to avoid any complications.

Considerations Before Applying For Insurance

State Farm Drone Insurance

Renewal Policy

It’s crucial to care about your drone because you have to renew your policy if your drone crashes or gets destroyed. Furthermore, some hobby pilots may also find difficulty in renewing their policy if their drone crashes during the first year of the coverage.

Compliance with FAA Rules

The Federal Aviation Administration has set up some rules and regulations for drone owners. You have to abide by the protocols that are set up by this governmental agency. Your claim request may get canceled if your drone damage results from the violation of the guidelines.

No Liabilities in Drone Insurance

There is a high risk that your drones may crash into third-party possessions like properties, vehicles, and other assets. It’s essential to have a policy that covers expenses for these liabilities and protects you from lawsuits.

However, the personal article policy does not entertain liabilities to other peoples’ possessions and you have to pay a complete amount for maintenance.

If your insurer or policy terms offer different coverage plans to help you pay for maintenance or replacements of third-party assets, you need to contact your insurer. State Farm may cover the liability under your homeowner’s coverage plan.

Worldwide Coverage

State Farm provides coverage to some personal articles that accompany you anywhere in the world. However, it may not apply to your drones. Hobby pilots have found it difficult to insure their drones in the state of California.

So, you need to maintain open communication with your insurer and evaluate your policy terms before expecting worldwide coverage on drones.

After discussing the drawbacks in drone insurance, you are ready to file a claim and get insurance through a seamless procedure. So, let’s explore the steps to file a claim for drone insurance.

How to Receive Claim for Drone Insurance?

File Your Claim

File the claim for your State Farm insurance by using the company’s website, or mobile application or dialing its helpline and talking to customer support agents to initiate the process.

Document Details of the Incident

The company may require details of the incident. The insurer may ask you to provide information like photos of the incident, CCTV camera footage, and the accurate date and time.

So, it’s important to keep all the details of the incident and document all the necessary proofs.

Provide Maintenance Estimates to Insurer

Get estimates from the drone mechanic and provide the estimates to the insurer, so State Farm can reimburse the amount as soon as possible. Get it repaired and you will get your amount within 3 days.


With this information, you can carefully review your coverage policies and avail benefits in the State Farm drone insurance plan. So, follow these instructions and get your equipment insured on time to reap benefits on repair costs.

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