How to Cancel Ambetter Insurance Online

How to Cancel Ambetter Insurance Online in 2024?

Ambetter is a noteworthy insurance company that provides various healthcare benefits added to the overall insurance coverage. It has a reputation for selling quality products to the insurance companies, which resell them on different marketplaces. It is ideal for most subscribers.

But there can be a few reasons where it may not suit you and you need to cancel your insurance plan. These reasons can be financial instability, benefits from employers, better insurance coverage, employment change, enrolling in the Medicaid or Medicare plan, and many more.

The company doesn’t want to lose its members and may not entertain your cancellation request without carefully considering your reasons. You need to know the proper procedure and mediums to cancel Ambetter insurance online without any complications.

So, let’s have a look at some factors to consider before initiating a cancellation request.

Considerations Before Canceling Ambetter Insurance Plan

How to Cancel Ambetter Insurance Online

Review Your Insurance Policy Plan

You should review the terms, conditions, and details of your Ambetter coverage plan. Carefully check if there are any penalties or cancellation fees that you need to pay. Reviewing all that can help you avoid any hassle at the time of cancellation.

Cancel at Open Enrollment Period

Open enrollment period allows users to subscribe to a new health coverage plan or change the existing plan. This period usually occurs during the fall of the year.

If you want to cancel your Ambetter insurance plan, you should consider doing it at the open enrollment period. You can opt for a new insurance policy so it can fill the coverage gap. If you cancel it at any other time, you will have to enroll in the Special Enrollment Period. You can avail this opportunity for special reasons such as childbirth or marriage.

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Online Mediums and Procedures to Cancel Your Insurance Plan

How to Cancel Ambetter Insurance Online

There are two common online mediums to cancel your Ambetter insurance plan. The first is the Ambetter official website, and the second is your cell phone. Let’s dive in to see how you can leverage these mediums to seamlessly cancel your plan.

Cancellation via Ambetter Website

By using the first method, you can submit a cancellation request from the Ambetter official website. You have to follow these steps:

  • Visit the customer service page of Ambetter website
  • Select your state
  • Enter your credentials to log in to the website as a member
  • Fill out the cancellation form
  • Initiate the process by requesting them to send a cancellation verification email at your provided email address

Cancellation via Mobile Phone

There is a step-by-step process to cancel your Ambetter coverage via mobile phone.

  • Visit the customer service page of Ambetter website
  • Select your state
  • Dial the phone number provided on the screen
  • Talk to the customer service agent and provide essential details like your Ambetter member ID or any other required information
  • Direct the agent to cancel your Ambetter health insurance and send you a cancellation verification email

Considerations After Cancellation

Once you have canceled your subscription plan, you need to verify some things to ensure that your cancellation has been finalized with a smooth process.

Review and Save Cancellation Confirmation Email

Review your cancellation request once it has been initiated by Ambetter. You should keep the confirmation email with you as a record, so you can use it for documentation to subscribe to a new insurance coverage plan.

Inquire For Refunds of Unused Coverage Period

If you have paid for premiums in advance, explore possibilities for refunds of the remaining unused period of your coverage. Inquire with your insurer about it and avail the opportunity if there is a possibility.

Check Bank Statements

Once you have canceled the insurance plan, check the transaction history of your bank accounts and closely monitor your transactions in your bank statements. If you are still being charged for premium payments, contact Ambetter customer support to resolve the issue.

Alternative Insurance Coverages

There are various alternatives that you can select once you cancel your Ambetter Health Insurance plan. A variety of benefits are offered in different insurance coverage plans.

You have to choose a company that offers the maximum kind of benefits to its insurance holders. Most people select it from governmental institutions. If you opt for private ones, we’ve listed out some top-tier insurance companies in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace. Let’s have a look at them.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

There are a variety of benefits for subscribers in BCBS coverage plan including emergency services, lab tests, doctor visits, and drug prescriptions.

Subscribers also have the access to create an online account via MyBlue platform which they can use to view their coverage details, find doctors for treatment, and track and manage reimbursement claims.

These are the average monthly costs for different ages in BCBS on the ACA marketplace plan.

Age Limit: Pricing:
Age 21 $444
Age 27 $468
Age 30 $506
Age 40 $569
Age 50 $795
Age 60 $1,206


Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente benefits vary for its members in different states. But there are some common benefits that the foundation offers. These include an integrated network of doctors, hospitals, and nurses, 24/7 communication with nurses for medical advice, discounted health fitness and lifestyle programs, disease management programs, and more.

Members gain free access to various applications to track and improve mental health. These include:

  • Calm app for meditation to reduce mental relaxation and improve sleep
  • MyStrength app to set mental health goals, track progress, and view other useful metrics.

Furthermore, there are no deductibles or paperwork.

These are some of the average monthly costs of Kaiser Foundation in the ACA marketplace plan.

Age Limit: Pricing:
Age 21 $348
Age 27 $365
Age 30 $396
Age 40 $445
Age 50 $622
Age 60 $946

United Healthcare

United Healthcare enables its members to talk to nurses 24/7, set up health goals to get rewards for meeting the goals, and consult with doctors in the Virtual Visits feature through mobile application, computer, or tablet.

Age Limit: Pricing:
Age 21 $396
Age 27 $415
Age 30 $450
Age 40 $506
Age 50 $708
Age 60 $1,076


These are some of the insurance companies providing you many benefits. You can choose the right insurer that aligns with your health and financial needs.


By understanding the steps and mediums to cancel an Ambetter insurance plan, you can seamlessly proceed with the process. The factors that you need to consider before and after cancellation can also assist you in making an informed decision and opt for a better insurance coverage.


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